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Frågor gällande beställningar sänds till

Radical right-wing parties in Europe: What populism got to do with it?

Rydgren, Jens | 2017

A basic income for all: crazy or essential?

Birnbaum, Simon | 2017

The Generational Welfare Contract: Justice, Institutions and Outcomes.

Birnbaum, Simon Ferrarini, Tommy, Nelson, Kenneth & Joakim Palme. | 2017

“Most MPs are Not All that Sharp.” Political Employees and Representative Democracy

Svallfors, Stefan | 2017

Discounting for Public Policy: A Survey

Greaves, Hilary | 2017

Non-state actors in global climate governance: from Copenhagen to Paris and beyond.

Bäckstrand, Karin JW Kuyper, B-0 Linnér & E. Lövbrand | 2017

Organizing on two wheels. Uncovering the organizational patterns of Hells Angels in Sweden.

Mondani, Hernan , Rostami, Amir | 2017

Friendship trust and psychological well-being from late adolescence to early adulthood: A structural equation modelling approach

Edling, Christofer , Rydgren, Jens , Alexander Miething, Ylva B. Almquist & Mikael Rostila | 2017

From Categories to Categorization: A Social Perspective on Market Categorization

Tyllström, Anna Rodolphe Durand & Nina Granqvist | 2017

A popular misapplication of evolutionary modeling to the study of human cooperation

Eriksson, Kimmo , Strimling, Pontus Daniel Cownden | 2017


Kolk, Martin Drefahl, Sven & Jani Turunen | 2017


Kolk, Martin & Maria Brandén | 2017

The Mental Health Advantage of Immigrant‐Background Youth: The Role of Family Factors

Mood, Carina , Jonsson, Jan O. & Sara Brolin Låftman | 2017

Family Structure, Child Living Arrangement and Mothers’ Self-rated Health in Sweden—A Cross-Sectional Study

Gähler, Michael Sara C. Fritzell | 2017

Précis Population Ethics

Arrhenius, Gustaf | 2017

Retributivism and Public Opinion: On the Context Sensitivity of Desert

Duus-Otterström, Göran | 2017

Från flytt till förändring

Ekholm, Anders , Anna Krohwinkel, Johan Alvehus, Jon Rognes, Hans Winberg | 2017

Mistake is to Myth What Pretense is to Fiction: A Reply to Goodman.

Lundgren, Björn | 2017

Moral uncertainty

Bykvist, Krister | 2017

Costly punishment in the ultimatum game evokes moral concern, in particular when framed as payoff reduction.

Strimling, Pontus , Eriksson, Kimmo Per. A. Andersson & Torun Lindholm | 2017

Legal Power and the Right to Vote: Does the Right to Vote Confer Power?

Beckman, Ludvig | 2017

Non-Cognitivism and Fundamental Moral Certitude: Reply to Eriksson and Francén Olinder

Bykvist, Krister & Jonas Olson | 2017

An Ombudsman for Future Generations, Legitimate and Effective?

Beckman, Ludvig & Fredrik Uggla | 2017

The Repugnant Conclusion

Arrhenius, Gustaf Ryberg, Jesper & Torbjörn Tännsjö | 2017

Divided by Memories? Beliefs about the Past, Ethnic Boundaries, and Trust in Northern Iraq.

Rydgren, Jens , Dana Sofi & Martin Hällsten | 2017

Social Capital, Friendship Networks, and Youth Unemployment.

Edling, Christofer , Rydgren, Jens & Martin Hällsten | 2017

Freedom as Non-domination and Democratic Inclusion

Beckman, Ludvig & Jonas Hultin Rosenberg, | 2017

Educational Expansion and Intergenerational Proximity in Sweden

Kolk, Martin , Margarita Chudnovskaya | 2017

Do Employers Prefer Fathers? Evidence from a Field Experiment Testing the Gender by Parenthood Interaction Effect on Callbacks to Job Applications

Bygren, Magnus , Gähler, Michael Anni Erlandsson | 2017

The effect of number of siblings on adult mortality: Evidence from Swedish registers for cohorts born between 1938 and 1972

Kolk, Martin , Anna Baranowska-Rataj, Kieron Barclay | 2017

Känna text

Törnqvist, Maria Daniel Gustafsson | 2016

Recension av Helena Tinnerholm Ljungberg. Omöjliga familjen.

Törnqvist, Maria | 2016

Applying spatial regression to evaluate risk factors for microbiological contamination of urban groundwater sources in Juba, South Sudan

Engström, Emma U. Mörtberg, A. Karlström, M. Mangold | 2016

Bortom IT. Om hälsa i en digital tid

Ekholm, Anders , Jebari, Karim Fredrik Nilsson, Sara Riggare, Drasko Markovic, Erik Wetter, Jenny Wahlgren, Jesper Olsson, Anna Krohwinkel, Hans Winberg, Jon Rognes, Britt-Marie Ahrnell, Patrik Sundström, Fredrik Lindencrona, Tomas Bokström, Ing-Marie Wieselgren | 2016

Kedjor av händelser

Bursell, Moa | 2016

Epistemic Privilege and Victims’ Duties to Resist their Oppression

Vasanthakumar, Ashwini | 2016

Politiska förpliktelser

Duus-Otterström, Göran | 2016

Social selection in formal and informal tracking in Sweden

Rudolphi, Frida och Robert Erikson | 2016

Extended Preferences and Interpersonal Comparisons of Well‐being

Greaves, Hilary & Harvey Lederman | 2016

The quality of compliance: investigating fishers’ responses towards regulation and authorities

Birnbaum, Simon Boonstra, W. J. & Björkvik, E. | 2016

Basic Income

Birnbaum, Simon | 2016

Are Nonhuman Animals owed Compensation for the Wrongs Committed to Them?

Mosquera, Julia | 2016

Money, peers and parents: Social and economic aspects of inequality in youth wellbeing.

Plenty, Stephanie , Mood, Carina | 2016

Dual Climate Change Responsibility: on the moral divergences between mitigation and adaptation

Duus-Otterström, Göran & Sverker Jagers | 2016

Sociologi som konstform

Törnqvist, Maria | 2016

Allocating adaptation finance: examining three ethical arguments for recipient control

Duus-Otterström, Göran | 2016

Basic Income in the Capitalist Economy: The Mirage of ‘Exit’ From Employment

Birnbaum, Simon & De Wispelaere, J. | 2016