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Governing for Future Generations: How Political Trust Shapes Attitudes Towards Climate and Debt Policies

Fairbrother, Malcolm , Arrhenius, Gustaf , Bykvist, Krister , Campbell, Tim | 2021

The common-is-moral association is stronger among less religious people

Eriksson, Kimmo , Vartanova, Irina , Strimling, Pontus & Petra Ornstein | 2021

Dunbar’s number deconstructed

Lindenfors, Patrik ; Wartel, A & J Lind | 2021

Following the Science: Pandemic Policy Making and Reasonable Worst-Case Scenarios

Roussos, Joe & R. Bradley | 2021

Perceptions of the appropriate response to norm violation in 57 societies

Eriksson, Kimmo , Strimling, Pontus , Gelfand, Michele, et al. | 2021

Just allocation of Covid-19 vaccines

Herlitz, Anders ,Lederman, Zohar, Miller, Jennifer, Fleurbaey, Marc, Venkatapuram, Sridhar, Atuire, Ceasar, Eckenwiler, Lisa & Nicole Hassoun | 2021

Personal Identity and Impersonal Ethics

Campbell, Tim | 2021

Social capital and leaving the nest: Channels and housing tenures

| 2021

Statliga belöningar: en fördjupningsstudie om dess normativa och politiska aspekter

Andersson, Emil , Jebari, Karim , Arrhenius, Gustaf | 2021

Do Offenders Deserve Proportionate Punishments?

Duus-Otterström, Göran | 2021

Women in violent extremism in Sweden

Mondani, Hernan , Rostami, Amir , Edling, Christofer , Askanius, Tina & Jerzy Sarnecki | 2021

Measuring Cultural Dimensions: External Validity and Internal Consistency of Hofstede's VSM 2013 Scales

Eriksson, Kimmo & Philipp Gerlach | 2021

Studies on climate ethics and future generations vol. 3

Roussos, Joe , Spears, Dean , Stefánsson, H. Orri , Steele, Katie , Broome, John , Campbell, Tim , Greaves, Hilary , Roberts, Melinda A. , Herlitz, Anders , Cusbert, John & Nicholas Lawson | 2021

Överdödlighet och dödlighet i covid-19 i Sverige under 2020

Kolk, Martin , Drefahl, Sven, Wallace, Matthew & Gunnar Andersson | 2021

Chinese Citizen Satisfaction with Government Performance during COVID-19

Fairbrother, Malcolm , Wu, Cary , Shi, Zhilei , Wilkes, Rima, Wu, Jiaji, Zhiwen, Gong, Nengkun He, Zang Xiao, Xiaojun, Zhang, Weijun Lai, Dongxia, Zhou, Feng, Zhao, Xiufang, Yin, Ping Xiong, Hao, Zhou, Qinghua, Chu, Libin, Cao, Ruijing, Tian, Yu Tan, Liyong, Yang, Zexuan, He, Mews, Jan & Giuseppe Nicola Giordano | 2021

Do we need dual-process theory to understand implicit bias? A study of the nature of implicit bias against Muslims

Bursell, Moa & Filip Olsson | 2021

Different Populations Agree on Which Moral Arguments Underlie Which Opinions

Vartanova, Irina , Eriksson, Kimmo , Strimling, Pontus & Isabela Hazin | 2021

Resisting assimilation – ethnic boundary maintenance among Jews in Sweden

Bursell, Moa & David Grobgeld | 2021

Experiences matter: A longitudinal study of individual-level sources of declining social trust in the United States.

Fairbrother, Malcolm , Mewes, Jan, Giordano, Nicola Guiseppe, Wu, Cary & Rima Wilkes | 2021

Symposium on the ethics of economic ordeals: Introduction

Herlitz, Anders & Nir Eyal | 2021

Women's experience of child death over the life course: A global demographic perspective

Kolk, Martin , Alburez-Gutierrez, Diego & Emilio Zagheni | 2021

Culture and tax avoidance: the case of Italy

Hien, Josef | 2021

Justicia Intergeneracional

Mosquera, Julia | 2021

Vaccine confidence is higher in more religious countries

Eriksson, Kimmo , Vartanova, Irina | 2021

On the Methodological Difficulty of Identifying Implicit Racial Beliefs and Stereotypes

Bursell, Moa & Filip Olsson | 2020

Trump och de policyprofessionella – medeltidens återkomst?

Svallfors, Stefan | 2020

Emmanuel Anati: The Origins of Religion. A Study in Conceptual Anthropology

Lindenfors, Patrik | 2020

Deep learning diffusion by infusion into preexisting technologies - Implications for users and society at large.

Engström, Emma , Strimling, Pontus | 2020

Acceptance of group‐based dominance and climate change denial: A cross‐cultural study in Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Sweden

Jylhä, Kirsti Tam, Kim-Pong & Taciano L. Milfont | 2020

Moral Realism and the Argument from Skepticism

Tersman, Folke & Olle Risberg | 2020

Expert deference as a belief revision schema

Roussos, Joe | 2020

Climate Change Denial among Radical Right-Wing Supporters

Jylhä, Kirsti , Strimling, Pontus , Rydgren, Jens | 2020

Residential context and COVID-19 mortality among adults aged 70 years and older in Stockholm: a population-based, observational study using individual-level data

Kolk, Martin , Branden, Maria, Aradhya, Siddartha, Härkönen, Juho, Drefahl, Sven, Malmberg, Bo, Rostila, Mikael, Cederström, Agneta, Andersson, Gunnar & Mussino, Eleonora | 2020

Ahdistuksen vai innostuksen ilmasto? Ilmastoviestinnän ja -kasvatuksen keinoja ilmastoahdistuksesta selviytymiseen

Jylhä, Kirsti , Pihkala, P., Cantell, H., Lyytimäki, J., Paloniemi, R., Pulkka, A., & I. Ratinen | 2020

The Constant Gap: Parenthood Premiums in Sweden 1968–2010

Bygren, Magnus , & Charlotta Magnusson | 2020

The Matthew effect in political science: head start and key reforms important for democratization

Lindenfors, Patrik & Matthew Wilson & Staffan I. Lindberg | 2020

Artificial superintelligence and its limits: why AlphaZero cannot become a general agent

Jebari, Karim & Lundborg, J | 2020

Improving on and assessing ethical guidelines for digital tracking and tracing systems for pandemics

Lundgren, Björn | 2020

Consequentialism, ignorance, and uncertainty

Bykvist, Krister | 2020


Lindenfors, Patrik | 2020

Moral Uncertainty

Bykvist, Krister , MacAskill, William & Toby Ord | 2020