Here you will find different texts written by researchers that are working for the Institute. All texts are not the result of research within the Institute's research program but are by theme and authors relevant to our work. If you wish to find publications in Swedish you will find them on our Swedish website.

Xenophobia among radical and mainstream right-wing party voters: prevalence, correlates and influence on party support

Jylhä, Kirsti , Rydgren, Jens , Strimling, Pontus | 2022

Defining disability and the role of the disability and the medical communities

Mosquera, Julia | 2022

Networked reports: Commissioning and production of expert reports on Swedish healthcare governance

Svallfors, Stefan , Falkenström, Erica , Hammar, Corrie & Anna T. Höglund | 2022

Nuorten ilmastoahdistus ja ympäristötunteet

Jylhä, Kirsti , Pihkala, P. & J. Sangervo | 2022

Counterradicalization Interventions. A Review of the Evidence

Wolfowicz, Michael , Weisburd, David & Badi Hasisi | 2022

Studies on the boundary problem in democratic theory

Bowman, Paul J , Andric, Vuko , Beckman, Ludvig , Arrhenius, Gustaf , Vasanthakumar, Ashwini , Gosseries, Axel , Berndt Rasmussen, Katharina , Markström, Klas , Goodin, Robert E., Miller, David & Jonas Hultin Rosenberg | 2022

Making confident decisions with model ensembles

Roussos, Joe R. Bradley, & R. Frigg | 2022

The value of values in climate science

Roussos, Joe Pulkkinen, K., S. Undorf, F. Bender, P. Wikman-Svahn, F. Doblas-Reyes, C. Flynn, G. Hegerl, A. Jönsson, G-K. Leung, T. Shepherd, E. Thompson | 2022


Beckman, Ludvig | 2021

Normative Formal Epistemology as Modelling

Roussos, Joe | 2021

Studies on climate ethics and future generations vol. 4

Arrhenius, Gustaf , Finneron-Burns, Elizabeth , Campbell, Timothy , Kolk, Martin , Mosquera, Julia , Duus-Otterström, Göran , Stefánsson, H. Orri , Roberts, Melinda A. , Herlitz, Anders , Bykvist, Krister , , Paul Bou-Habib, Serena Olsaretti, Edward A. Page, Henrik Andersson, Eric Brandstedt, Partha Dasgupta & S.J. Beard | 2021

Changes in young adults' mental well-being before and during the early stage of the COVID-10 pandemic: disparities between ethnic groups in Germany

Plenty, Stephanie Bracegirdle, C., Dollmann, J. & O. Spiegler | 2021

Utilitarianism without Moral Aggregation

Gustafsson, Johan E. | 2021

Evidence from a long-term experiment that collective risks change social norms and promote cooperation

Andrighetto, Giulia Szekely, A., Lipari, F., Antonioni, A., Paolucci, M., Sánchez, A. & L. Tummolini | 2021

Ethical machine decisions and the input-selection problem

Lundgren, Björn | 2021

A community of shared values? Dimensions and dynamics of cultural integration in the European Union

Hien, Josef , Akaliyski, P. & C. Welzel | 2021

The bias of adapted patients in practice

Mosquera, Julia | 2021

Self-Driving Vehicles — an Ethical Overview

Lundgren, Björn Hansson, S. O. & M. Belin | 2021

Does employer discrimination contribute to the subordinate labor market inclusion of individuals of a foreign background?

Bursell, Moa , Bygren, Magnus & Michael Gähler | 2021

Positive Egalitarianism Reconsidered

Arrhenius, Gustaf , Mosquera, Julia | 2021

Where Does Europe End? Christian Democracy and the Expansion of Europe

Hien, Josef & Fabio Wolkenstein | 2021

Governing for Future Generations: How Political Trust Shapes Attitudes Towards Climate and Debt Policies

Fairbrother, Malcolm , Arrhenius, Gustaf , Bykvist, Krister , Campbell, Timothy | 2021

Following the Science: Pandemic Policy Making and Reasonable Worst-Case Scenarios

Roussos, Joe & R. Bradley | 2021

Perceptions of the appropriate response to norm violation in 57 societies

Eriksson, Kimmo , Strimling, Pontus , Gelfand, Michele, et al. | 2021

Social capital and leaving the nest: Channels and housing tenures

| 2021

Women in violent extremism in Sweden

Mondani, Hernan , Rostami, Amir , Askanius, Tina , Edling, Christofer & Jerzy Sarnecki | 2021

Measuring Cultural Dimensions: External Validity and Internal Consistency of Hofstede's VSM 2013 Scales

Eriksson, Kimmo & Philipp Gerlach | 2021

Studies on climate ethics and future generations vol. 3

Roussos, Joe , Bowman, Paul J , Spears, Dean , Stefánsson, H. Orri , Steele, Katie , Broome, John , Campbell, Timothy , Greaves, Hilary , Roberts, Melinda A. , Herlitz, Anders , Cusbert, John & Nicholas Lawson | 2021

Different Populations Agree on Which Moral Arguments Underlie Which Opinions

Vartanova, Irina , Eriksson, Kimmo , Strimling, Pontus & Isabela Hazin | 2021

Resisting assimilation – ethnic boundary maintenance among Jews in Sweden

Bursell, Moa & David Grobgeld | 2021

Women's experience of child death over the life course: A global demographic perspective

Kolk, Martin , Alburez-Gutierrez, Diego & Emilio Zagheni | 2021

Justicia Intergeneracional

Mosquera, Julia | 2021

Vaccine confidence is higher in more religious countries

Eriksson, Kimmo , Vartanova, Irina | 2021

On the Methodological Difficulty of Identifying Implicit Racial Beliefs and Stereotypes

Bursell, Moa & Filip Olsson | 2020

Trump och de policyprofessionella – medeltidens återkomst?

Svallfors, Stefan | 2020

Emmanuel Anati: The Origins of Religion. A Study in Conceptual Anthropology

Lindenfors, Patrik | 2020