Here you will find different texts written by researchers that are working for the Institute. All texts are not the result of research within the Institute's research program but are by theme and authors relevant to our work. If you wish to find publications in Swedish you will find them on our Swedish website.

Optimal Climate Policy and the Future of World Economic Development

Spears, Dean Budolfson, M., Dennig, F., Scovronick, N., Siebert, A., Fleurbaey, M. & Fabian Wagner | 2019

Moral Uncertainty

Bykvist, Krister , MacAskill, William & Toby Ord | 2020

Transformative Experience and the Shark Problem

Mosquera, Julia , Campbell, Timothy | 2020

Does education indoctrinate?

Vartanova, Irina & Ishac Diwan | 2020

Speed and Concentration of the Covering Time for Structured Coupon Collectors

Markström, Klas , Falgas-Ravry, Victor & Larsson, Joel | 2020

Studies on climate ethics and future generations vol. 2

Berndt Rasmussen, Katharina , Bowman, Paul J , Arrhenius, Gustaf , Bykvist, Krister , Campbell, Timothy , Steele, Katie , Roberts, Melinda A. , Rabinowicz , Wlodek , Spears, Dean , Jylhä, Kirsti , Strimling, Pontus , Rydgren, Jens , Fairbrother, Malcolm | 2020

Defining Information Security

Lundgren, Björn & Möller, N | 2019

Against AI-improved Personal Memory

Lundgren, Björn | 2020

Review of Miracles in Medieval Canonizations Processes

Myrdal, Janken 2019

Three Mistakes in the Moral Reasoning About the Covid-19 Pandemic

Stefánsson, H. Orri | 2020

Edge Precoloring Extension of Hypercubes

Markström, Klas , Casselgren, Carl Johan & Lan Anh Pham | 2020

Successful and failed episodes of democratization: conceptualization, identication, and description

Lindenfors, Patrik , Wilson MC, Morgan R, Medzihorsky J, Maxwell L, Maerz SF, Lührmann A, Edgell AB, Boese V & Lindberg SI | 2020

The Relation Between Gender Egalitarian Values and Gender Differences in Academic Achievement

Eriksson, Kimmo , Vartanova, Irina , | 2020

Implicit Bias and Discrimination

Berndt Rasmussen, Katharina | 2020

Insecurity and political values in the Arab world

Vartanova, Irina , Cammet, Melani & Ishac Diwan | 2020

Establishing pathways to democracy using domination analysis

Lindenfors, Patrik , Edgell AB, Boese VA, Maerz SF & Lindberg SI | 2020

Recent Debates on Victims' Duties to Resist Their Oppression

Vasanthakumar, Ashwini | 2020

A Dilemma for Privacy as Control

Lundgren, Björn | 2020

Against the De Minimis Principle

Stefánsson, H. Orri , Lundgren, Björn | 2020

On revolutions

Lindenfors, Patrik , Armand M. Leroi, Ben Lambert, Matthias Mauch, Marina Papadopoulou, Sophia Ananiadou & Staffan I. Lindberg | 2020

Explaining health disparities between heterosexual and LGB adolescents by integrating the minority stress and psychological mediation frameworks: Findings from the TRAILS study

la Roi, Chaïm Kiekens, W.J., C. , Bos, H., Kretschmer, T., van Bergen, D. D., & Veenstra, R. | 2020

How software developers can fix part of GDPR’s problem of click-through consents

Lundgren, Björn | 2020

Peers and Homophobic Attitudes in Adolescence: Examining Selection and Influence Processes in Friendships and Antipathies

la Roi, Chaïm Dijkstra, J. K., Kretschmer, T., Savickaitė, R., & Veenstra, R. | 2020

Sexual orientation, peer relationships, and depressive symptoms: Findings from a sociometric design

la Roi, Chaïm C., Kretschmer, T., Veenstra, R., Bos, H., Goossens, L., Verschueren, K., ... & Dijkstra, J. K. | 2020

Using Models to Predict Cultural Evolution From Emotional Selection Mechanisms

Strimling, Pontus , Eriksson, Kimmo | 2019

International Climate Policy in the Post Paris Era

Bäckstrand, Karin & Naghmeh Nasiritousi | 2019

False Choices: A Response to Michael Ignatieff's The Ordinary Virtues

Vasanthakumar, Ashwini | 2019

What to lobby on? Explaining Why Large American Firms Lobby on the Same or Different Issues

Selling, Niels | 2019

A Duty to Resist: When Disobedience Should be Uncivil

Vasanthakumar, Ashwini | 2019

#MeToo, Social Norms, and Sanctions

Berndt Rasmussen, Katharina & Nicolas Olsson Yaouzis | 2019

Are the Natural Numbers Fundamentally Ordinals?

Buijsman, Stefan & Bahram Assadian | 2019

“There is total silence here”. Ethical competence and inter-organizational learning in healthcare governance

Falkenström, Erica ; Höglund, Anna T | 2019

Lobbying the Client? The Role of Policy Intermediaries in Corporate Political Activity

Tyllström, Anna & Murray, John | 2019

Free Traders: Elites, Democracy, and the Rise of Globalization

Fairbrother, Malcolm | 2019

Paul's Reconfiguration of Decision-problems in the Light of Transformative Experiences

Bykvist, Krister | 2019

The Demos and Its Critics

Beckman, Ludvig , Aaron Maltais, Jonas Hultin Rosenberg | 2019

A Life-Course Analysis of Engagement in Violent Extremist Groups

Carlsson, Christoffer , Rostami, Amir , Mondani, Hernan , Sturup, Joakim , Edling, Christofer & Jerzy Sarnecki | 2019

Moral Uncertainty

Bykvist, Krister | 2019

Why Wear Blinders? Boonin and the Narrow Approach to the Non-identity Problem

Roberts, Melinda A. | 2019

The Case for Emissions Egalitarianism

Torpman, Olle | 2019

Whatever You Want: Inconsistent Results is the Rule, Not the Exception, in the Study of Primate Brain Evolution

Lindenfors, Patrik , Lind, Johan & Wartel, Andreas | 2019

National Culture Diversity in New Venture Boards: The Role of Founders' Relational Demography

Balachandran, Chanchal & Karl Wennberg | 2019

How is 'Organized Crime' Organized?

Rostami, Amir & Göran Ahrne | 2019