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The Connection Between Moral Positions and Moral Arguments Drives Opinion Change

Strimling, Pontus , Vartanova, Irina , Eriksson, Kimmo , Jansson, Fredrik | 2019

The lure of power. Career paths and considerations among policy professionals in Sweden

Selling, Niels , Svallfors, Stefan | 2019

Political Double Standards in Reliance on Moral Foundations

Strimling, Pontus , Eriksson, Kimmo & Brent Simpson | 2019

Hobbesianische Theorien des Sozialvertrags

Andric, Vuko | 2019

When Birth Spacing Does and Does Not Matter for Child Survival: An International Comparison using the DHS

Kolk, Martin , Molitoris, J. & Barclay, K. | 2019

Disillusionment and Anti-Americanism in Russia: From Pro-American to Anti-American Attitudes, 1993–2009.

Vartanova, Irina , Boris Sokolov, Ronald F Inglehart, Eduard Ponarin & William Zimmerman | 2018

We're All Behavioral Economists Now

Angner, Erik | 2019

The Nonidentity Problem

Roberts, Melinda A. | 2019

Studies on climate ethics and future generations vol 1

Bowman, Paul J , Berndt Rasmussen, Katharina , Campbell, Tim , Roberts, Melinda A. , Herlitz, Anders , Mosquera, Julia , Arrhenius, Gustaf , Rabinowicz , Wlodek , Kolk, Martin , Duus-Otterström, Göran , Zuber, Stéphane , Steele, Katie | 2019

More Than a Revolving Door: Corporate lobbying and the socialization of institutional carriers

Tyllström, Anna | 2019

A Paradox for the Intrinsic Value of Freedom of Choice

Gustafsson, Johan E. | 2019

Consequentialism and Robust Goods

Andric, Vuko | 2019

Parfit and the economists: A contribution to the debate on the optimal population size

Zuber, Stéphane | 2019

Democracy for the 21st Century: Research Challenges

Arrhenius, Gustaf | 2019

Population axiology and the possibility of a fourth category of absolute value

Gustafsson, Johan E. | 2019

Innehåll i Framtider 2019/2

Tema klimat: Politik och väljarstöd 2019

Cognitive ability and fertility among Swedish men born 1951–1967: evidence from military conscription registers

Kolk, Martin & Barclay, Kieron | 2019

Sweden Democrat voters. Who are they, where do they come from, and where are they headed?

Jylhä, Kirsti , Strimling, Pontus , Rydgren, Jens | 2019

The Impact of Human Health Co-benefits on Evalutaions of Global Climate Policy

Spears, Dean , Scovronick, Noah, Budolfson, Mark, Dennig, Francis, Errickson, Frank, Fleurbaey, Marc, Peng, Wei, Socolow, Robert H. & Fabian Wagner | 2019

Det kulturella djuret: om människans evolution och tänkandets utveckling

Lindenfors, Patrik | 2019

A New Route from Moral Disagreement to Moral Skepticism

Tersman, Folke & Risberg, Olle | 2019

How does Birth Order and Number of Siblings Effect Fertility? A Within-Family Comparison Using Swedish Register Data

Kolk, Martin & Morosow, Kathrin | 2019

What Matters in Metaethics

Bykvist, Krister | 2019

Living Alone Together: Individualized Collectivism in Swedish Communal Housing

Törnqvist, Maria | 2019

Defining Social Housing: A Discussion on the Suitable Criteria

Lundgren, Björn & Granath Hansson, A. | 2019

Domestic Animals in Låle's Porverbs

Myrdal, Janken 2019

Divine Placebo: Health and the Evolution of Religion

Lindenfors, Patrik | 2019

The making of an egalitarian elite: school ethos and the production of privilege

Törnqvist, Maria | 2019

Learning the Natural Numbers as a Child

| 2019

Towards a Theory of Pure Procedural Climate Justice

& Bengt Brülde | 2019

Hedonism, Desirability and the Incompleteness Objection

Andric, Vuko | 2019

Healthcare Rationing and the Badness of Death: Should Newborns Count for Less?

Campbell, Tim | 2019

Rawlsian Constructivism and the Assumption of Disunity

& Johan Brännmark | 2019

Asymmetry and Non-Identity

Berndt Rasmussen, Katharina & Per Algander | 2019

Optimal Climate Policy and the Future of World Economic Development

Spears, Dean Budolfson, M., Dennig, F., Scovronick, N., Siebert, A., Fleurbaey, M. & Fabian Wagner | 2019

Review Article: Non-Ideal Climate Justice

| 2019

The choice of new private and benefit cars vs. climate and transportation policy in Sweden

Engström, Emma , Staffan Algers & Muriel Beser Hugosson | 2019

Stable and unstable choices

Herlitz, Anders | 2019

On the Limits of the Precautionary Principle

Stefánsson, H. Orri | 2019

Parity and Mortality: An Examination of Different Explanatory Mechanisms Using Data on Biological and Adoptive Parents

Kolk, Martin & Kieron Barclay | 2019

Innehåll i Framtider 2019/1

Tema kriminalitet: Organiserad brottslighet 2019

Revisiting the Cavity-method Threshold for Random 3-SAT

Markström, Klas & Lundow, Per Håkan | 2019

Sequential Requisites Analysis: A New Method for Analyzing Sequential Relationships in Ordinal Data

Lindenfors, Patrik , Krusell, Joshua & Lindberg, Staffan I. | 2019

Nondeterminacy, Two-Step Models, and Justified Choice

Herlitz, Anders | 2019

A Critical Human Group Size and Firm Size Distributions in Industries

Strimling, Pontus , Cordes, Christian & Tong-Yaa Su | 2019

Explosive violence: A near-repeat study of hand grenade detonations and shootings in urban Sweden.

Rostami, Amir , & M. Gerell | 2019

Likvärdighet och skolkvalitet: Socioekonomiskt ursprung och invandrarbakgrund

Jonsson, Jan O. & Treuter, Georg | 2019