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Publicerat 17 aug, 2023

The Shadow of God and the Passage from Heaven to History - Michael Rosen

Research seminar with Michael Rosen, professor of political theory, Government Department, Harvard University. Abstract In a letter to his friend, Étienne Falconet, Denis Diderot wrote that “Posterity for the philosophe is the other world of the religious man”. This talk will put that sentence in context as part of a secularizing transition in which orthodox religious hope in a future of personal immortality came to be transferred to history as a project of collective self-realization. As will be explained, both elements work together in the philosophy of Immanuel Kant. Continued and developed by Kant’s German successors, the idea of historical immortality played an important role in political movements of all kinds in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. In bringing this aspect of the history of the future to attention, the aim of the talk is also to contribute to our understanding of the present. Want to attend one of our research seminars? Sign up to our newsletters to get all the information: https://www.iffs.se/en/about-us/newsletter/ #harvard #michaelrosen #hegel #kant #posterity #history #future #philosophy

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