Klimatet - lever vi alla i förnekelse?

De som förnekar klimatvetenskapen kallar vi klimatförnekare. Men alla vi andra då som förvisso tror på vetenskapen, men fortsätter leva som om klimatförändringarna inte existerade - är inte det också en form av klimatförnekelse? Kirsti Jylhä skriver om klimatförnekelsens mekanismer i senaste numret av RSA Journal.

"... we are failing to meet the climate goals even though almost all nations have signed and ratified the Paris Agreement. Also, the public expresses extensive worry about climate, and support for mitigation efforts. For example., the Special Eurobarometer 513 survey (July 2021) reported that 93% of Europeans believe that climate change is a serious problem, and 75% believe that their national government is not doing enough to tackle it. From this perspective the persistent absence of successful mitigation efforts seems puzzling. There are certainly gaps between how we think and how we behave. So perhaps we are all guilty of living in denial," skriver Kirsti Jylhä i artikeln.

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