26 August 2019

New scientific model can predict moral and political development

Nature Human Behavior, one of the most influential social science journals, is now publishing a groundbreaking study from a S...

10 May 2019

Policy and the public in a polarized country

In order to reach the goals in the Paris Agreement on how to combat climate change, some aggressive policy changes need to be...

20 March 2019

Reactions on a seminar on ethics and e-cigarettes

In 2016 dozens of prominent researchers from around the world came to our institute to work on the ambitious research report ...

21 February 2019

Leading Swedish researchers appeal to research councils: Withdraw support for Plan S

A large number of Swedish researchers are asking the Swedish research councils in coAlition S to withdraw their support from ...

07 February 2019

Postdoc to do research on the economics of climate change and climate policy

Postdoc on the economics of climate change and climate policy The Institute for Futures Studies, Stockholm, is looking for a...

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