10 November 2022

The Oxford Handbook of Population Ethics - Interview with the editors

If we can affect how many people will be born in the future, what does that mean for our decisions today? Would it be bad if ...

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29 October 2022

Vox: Hilary Greaves is the world's leading philosopher of the long-term future

Hilary Greaves, professor of philosophy at Oxford and researcher at IFFS, is the world's leading philosopher of the long-term...

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18 October 2022

Josef Hien receives prize for his paper on culture and tax avoidance

Why are Italians so reluctant to pay taxes? This is what Josef Hien explores in his paper "Culture and tax avoidance: the Ita...

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27 September 2022

Can AI be used to avoid discrimination during recruitment?

More and more businesses use AI – artificial intelligence – in recruitment. But what happens when they do so? The research pr...

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The social values of newly arrived immigrants in Sweden
Journal articles, 2022
Irina Vartanova, Pontus Strimling, Tibajev, Andrey, Puthoopparambil, Soorej & Birgitta Essén
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Where Would Ukrainian Refugees Go if They Could Go Anywhere?
Journal articles, 2022
Olle HammarElinder, Mikael & Oscar Erixson
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