17 May 2023

Humanity - the biosphere's best hope?

Human activity often has a negative impact on the Earth's ecosystems. However, according to researchers Karim Jebari and Ande...

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21 April 2023

Congratulations Partha Dasgupta!

Partha Dasgupta, professor of economics and member of the Climate Ethics and Future Generations-team at IFFS, and Gustaf Arrh...

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20 December 2022

New book to further the legacy of Derek Parfit

In the new book “Ethics and Existence - The legacy of Derek Parfit”, several of the most prominent scholars on the issues rai...

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05 December 2022

New study: This is why Italians are so unwilling to pay taxes

In Western Europe, Italy is at the top when it comes to tax evasion. In 2013, an estimated 27 percent of the entire tax reven...

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