07 March 2024

Are public decisions made by artificial intelligence democratically okay?

Are public decisions made by artificial intelligence democratically okay?The reason this is an important question is that alr...

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05 March 2024

Did the COVID-19 pandemic change our social norms?

As you might remember, a lot of our social behaviors changed during the COVID-19 pandemic, and how we perceived the behaviors...

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22 December 2023

Three tips for researchers who want to provide advice in a crisis

Anders Tegnell at Folkhälsomyndigheten became one of the most well-known experts during the covid 19-pandemic in Sweden. Phot...

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19 December 2023

Conference in honor of Professor Larry Temkin

Professor Larry Temkin, a prominent figure within moral philosophy, is retiring. His career was celebrated at a conference at...

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Sustainable Population in the Time of Climate Change
Other, 2024
Gustaf Arrhenius, Göran Duus-Otterström, Emma Engström, Malcolm Fairbrother, Karim Jebari, Kirsti Jylhä - on leave, Martin Kolk, Joe Roussos, Dean Spears
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The Future of the Philosophy of Work
Journal articles, 2024
Markus Furendal, Brouwer, Huub & Willem van der Deijl
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