14 June 2018

Gustaf Arrhenius receives prolonged appointment as director of the institute

What sets the framework for the research at the Institute for Futures Studies is research programs, created by the director. ... (2015-2020) was created by our current director Gustaf Arrhenius, Professor of Practical Philosophy at Stockholm University. Usually the director leaves the institute after about six years, but the board has now decided to extend Gustaf's period until 2026. Good news for an institute that deals with the future!

30 May 2018

How do we measure well-being?

Stella lives with her family in a villa in a medium-sized town in Sweden. She likes her job but her back is hurting. How do w...

03 May 2018

#YouToo? When the predator is your partner

The #MeToo movement has recently been praised by the United Nations experts in women’s human rights. Yet if sexist violence a...

25 April 2018

Identity politics - emancipatory or regressive?

Urbanisation, education, mobility and communication technology were all supposed to weaken people’s identification with “prim...

25 April 2018

Board member Berit Högman County Governor

Our board member Berit Högman is the new County Governor in Västernorrland County, Sweden from April 16. Her appointment as C...

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