21 November 2018

Postdoc needed to do research on new technologies and the future of humanity

The Institute for Futures Studies (IF) is looking for a researcher within the framework "New Technologies and the Future of H...

01 November 2018

Someone to sit next to in the segregated class room

“Who in your class would you not like to sit next to?” This question was posed to almost 5000 pupils (age 14–15) at Swedish hi...

26 September 2018

The importance of protecting religious buildings in war

It has been a long and violent conflict, but the parties have finally come to an agreement to put down their weapons – now it...

10 July 2018

A negative attitude toward immigration, the parliament and societal change, unite those who vore for the Sweden Democrats

During the last couple of decades, Europe has experienced significant political change as a result of new political parties t...

09 July 2018

The essence of norms in Sicily – home of the Mafia

Social norms are the glue that holds society and people together. But how can we change poor, destructive norms? Giulia Andri...

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