16 April 2018

Four decisions that actually matter for climate change

Did you take part in Earth Hour last month? On the 24th of March each year a big part of the earth’s population in the most e...

11 April 2018

Talk about climate change so everyone listens!

In six months libraries and schools will once again be transformed into voting stations and the Swedish people will vote for ...

27 February 2018

Democracy first, and then civil rights for women?

The year is 2010 when the Arab Spring begins in North Africa and on the Arabian Peninsula. The protesters’ calls for democrac...

26 February 2018

Postdoc on intergenerational justice and climate change

The Institute for Futures Studies, Stockholm, is looking for a 4 year postdoc to conduct research on intergenerational justic...”. Funded by Riksbankens Jubileumsfond (the Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences), this program is led by (principal investigator), and (co-principal investigators). The main aim of the program is to provide guidance on climate policy in light of the intergenerational nature of climate change. The program investigates questions as diverse as population ethics, normative uncertainty, intergenerational justice, and environmental attitudes.

09 February 2018

A welfare state for all generations

In a society there are always several generations co-existing and they all need different things from the welfare state. This... by , Tommy Ferrarini, Kenneth Nelson and Joakim Palme.

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