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25 September 2017

Existential risk to humanity

Existential risks are those risks that threaten the entire future of humanity - not just the present generation, but all futu...

15 September 2017

Janine Wedel to the Institute for Futures studies

2018 blir Institutet för Framtidsstudier värd för Kerstin Hesselgrens gästprofessur som då kommer att innehas av Janine R Wedel, forskare i socialantropologi vid George Mason University i USA.

18 August 2017

Come work with us!

The Institute for Futures Studies is growing, and now we wish to employ someone who can help us coordinate the work with our research applications. We need that person to be fluent in Swedish.

10 July 2017

Interview with Erik Olin Wright

Earlier this spring, Erik Olin Wright came to Stockholm to talk at our research seminar. He spoke about pathways to a coopera...

10 July 2017

New perspectives on the privatization of Swedish welfare

If a social scientific observer of the mid-1980s had been presented with a line-up of rich Western countries – say Germany, S...extent come from for-profit providers.

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