Values in science

Datum: 17 - 18 maj 2021
Tid: Ca 09.00–17.00

The topic of the workshop is values in science and will focus mainly on the role that epistemic and non-epistemic values play in climate science. Sub-topics in this area include:

  1. how values enter into the construction of global climate models,
  2. how uncertainty should be taken into account in modelling the climate, as well as in making policy decisions to curb climate change,
  3. how to determine what counts as a “worst-case scenario” of climate change, and
  4. the proper role of the scientist in public debates where science is an important factor.

Organisers: Timothy Campbell and Joe Roussos

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Katie Steele (ANU): Justifying climate targets: a role for reverse-engineering our decision models

Joe Roussos (IFFS) & Julie Jebeile (Bern): “Usability” in climate science: moving from natural science to science-for-policy

Per Wikman Svahn (SU): Values in worst-case scenarios for decision-making under deep uncertainty

Sabine Undorf (KTH): How do values in science enter model-based assessments of climate sensitivity uncertainty

Marina Baldissera Pacchetti (Leeds): Trust and values at the science-policy interface: challenges for adaption to climate change.

Karoliina Pulkkinen (KTH): Making scientific progress more progressive: why distribution matters for progress

Henrik Thorén (Lund): Uncertainty Domestication in Integrated Assessment Modelling: Values and Practices

For abstracts, download this file (pdf)

For more information, contact Timothy Campbell

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