Symposium on basic income

Datum: 30 mars 2017
Tid: 14:00–19:00

The basic income proposal has received increasing attention in the past few years. Several ambitious basic income experiments are currently being planned in different parts of the world and the very first basic income experiment in the Nordic context was recently launched in Finland. However, in spite of the thriving scholarly discussion of basic income, this controversial proposal and international research on the topic are seldom discussed systematically in the Swedish context.

This symposium is intended to stimulate a more well-informed and research-driven discussion of basic income. The starting-point of the event is the long awaited book Basic Income: A Radical Proposal for a Free Society and a Sane Economy, written by Philippe Van Parijs and Yannick Vanderborght (Harvard University Press, 2017).

Van Parijs will introduce the subject at a public lecture. This will then be followed by a critical scrutiny of the normative foundations and practical implications of his claims. Contributors will include both experts on Nordic interpretations of the universal welfare state and several of the most prominent contributors to the international basic income debate. 

Philippe Van Parijs, professor at the Faculty of economic, social and political sciences of the Université catholique de Louvain.

Ingrid A.M. Robeyns, holds the Chair Ethics of Institutions at Utrecht University, Faculty of Humanities and the associated Ethics Institute.

Stuart White is Fellow and Tutor in Politics, and Associate Professor of Politics, Jesus College, Oxford University.

Michael W. Howard, professor of philosophy at the University of Maine.

Nanna Kildal, Rokkansenteret, Uni Research, Bergen.

Place: Institute for Futures Studies, Holländargatan 13, Stockholm
Time: Thursday 30th of March at 14:00–19:00. Public lecture 10:00–12:00 in nearby building, follow the link for more information and registration.

Are you interested in attending the symposium? Get in touch with Simon Birnbaum, [email protected].


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