Arne Jarrick & Maria Wallenberg Bondesson: The cultural dynamics of law-making – A world history

Prof. Arne Jarrick och Fil. dr. Maria Wallenberg Bondesson, Centre for the study of Cultural Evolution vid Stockholms universitet och Institutet för Framtidsstudier.


Our presentation gives significant highlights from a forthcoming monograph containing a systematically comparative account of 4 000 years of law-making on a global scale, based on more than 150 law collections from different corners of the world, aiming at a better understanding of the cultural dynamics of the human society. We will report on findings concerning general long-term changes of the content as well as of the structuring principles of laws, such as, on one hand, the emergence of equality before the law, a development of criminal law exclusively referring to victims towards laws also referring to victimless crimes (and back again) &c, and, on the other hand, a gradual evolution of hierarchical structuring principles of laws. One cultural issue is whether it could be substantiated that history is a road towards increasing complexity. We think it can, whereby it also can be shown that rising complexity goes hand in hand with simplification. Law is a case in point.

Seminariet hålls hos oss på Holländargatan 13 i Stockholm. Ingen föranmälan krävs. Välkommen!

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