Vetenskapliga artiklar

Causal mechanisms in the social sciences

Peter Hedström, Petri Ylikoski 2010

Identification of influential spreaders in complex networks

, M. Kitsak, L. K. Gallos, S. Havlin, L. Muchnik, H. E. Stanley, H. A. Makse | 2010

Demographic Change and Economic Growth in Sweden: 1750-2050

David de la Croix, Thomas Lindh, Bo Malmberg. 2009

Predicaments in the futures of aging democracies

Thomas Lindh, Urban Lundberg 2008

Swedish Economic Growth and Education Since 1800

David de la Croix, Thomas Lindh, Bo Malmberg 2008

A Dynamical Approach to Stock Market Fluctuations

Stamatios C. Nicolis, David J.T. Sumpter

Inferring the Rules of Interaction of Shoaling Fish

James E. Herbert-Read, Andrea Perna, Richard P. Mann, Timothy M. Schaerf, David J. T. Sumpter, Ashley J W Ward