How are our young adults doing? A report on labour market activities and living conditions

Publikationsår: 2018

Plenty, Stephanie , B. Andersson, Anton , Hjalmarsson, Simon , Mood, Carina , Rudolphi, Frida , Treuter , Georg

Research report 2018:3, 114 pages.

What are young adults at 19–20 years of age doing? What do their living conditions look like, how do they like their situation and how do they perceive their future?

This report presents the results of a survey where a large and national representative sample of Swedish young adults have reported on their situation. A broad range of young people are described; youth who are
working, youth who are studying, youth who are job-seeking and youth who are doing something completely different. A picture of young adults who are highly active and committed to their labour marketrelated activities and future is revealed. The majority of those in employment enjoy their jobs, and regardless of employment, most young people are optimistic about their future.

Thanks to the broad sample, the report also identifies a large minority of young adults who are in a potentially vulnerable situation. These individuals have poorer living conditions and mental wellbeing in many
respects. These are groups with weak connections to the labour market or who only make small progress in their studies, a situation that impedes both their quality of life here and now, as well as future success
in the labour market. The authors therefore emphasise that it is more relevant to identify different types of vulnerability in terms of labour market-related problems rather than focusing only on youth who are
unemployed or Not in Employment, Education, or Training (NEET).

This report is relevant to anyone who cares about young adults’ wellbeing and entry into the labour market.

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