Öppet seminarium

The EU project Open Days: The AMIF Project "The Subjective Integration 2"

Datum: 23 september 2021
Tid: 14:00-15:00

The purpose of this project is to give the  migrants arriving via the organised channels, i.e. quota refugees and family reunion cases information about Sweden before leaving for Sweden. They are interviewed by  research teams in Jordan, Turkey, Egypt, Lebanon and Sudan and an app presenting Sweden is given to the admitted migrants at the same time. Two films, one short and one a bit longer presents Sweden. The films are in Arabic and in Swedish, more languages will follow. A rich link tree is also provided to the respondents given them the possibility to learn more about their future home country.

Project title: Quota refugees from Middle-East and the Horn of Africa are interviewed before departure and  after arrival to Sweden. An AMIF project about  their dreams and hopes and the premises for a subjective integration.

The films are accessible on Youtube
Film 1 (short version)   
Film 2

Organiser: The AMIF project, "The Subjective Integration, 2", World Values Survey and Institute for Futures Studies 

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 For questions, get in touch with Bi Puranen, [email protected] 

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