Democratizing the Corporation - Conference 27-29 January

Datum: 27 - 29 januari 2021

On the 27-29:th of January we are hosting the conference Democratizing the Corporation in collaboration with the Havens-Wright Center for Social Justice, University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

The conference will explore questions of economic democracy, the history and future of democracy in the workplace, the principles of economic democracy and the idea of the bicameral firm as a way to democratize the corporation. Lead essay is Democratizing the Corporation. The Proposal of the Bicameral Firm, by Isabelle Ferreras. 

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The conference is open to invited only. 

Democratizing the Corporation is A Real Utopias Project Conference hosted  by the Institute for Future Studies, Stockholm with funding from the Bank of Sweden supported by the Havens-Wright Center for Social Justice, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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