Demographic and Educational Success of Lineages in Northern Sweden

Publikationsår: 2017

Kolk, Martin , Martin Hällsten

Population and Development Review,  Vol. 43, Issue 3, pp. 491-512,

REPRODUCTIVE SUCCESS AND socioeconomic status are inherited across generations, both in contemporary societies and in pre-industrial populations. Previous research has tended to analyze historical settings separately, often with a two-generation rather than multigenerational perspective (Mare 2011). In this study we take the perspective of both social and demographic mobility, examining the success of an entire lineage in terms of the number of descendants and the socioeconomic status of these descendants as indicators of the imprint of previous generations. We apply the prospective design where the origin generation is the unit of analysis and assess both reproductive success, defined as the total number of great grandchildren, and educational attainment, defined as the number and proportion of great grandchildren with tertiary education. We examine how reproductive success and educational attainment are affected by the interplay of variation in the timing and quantum of fertility over time and by period changes such as educational expansion.

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