Animalism and the Varieties of Conjoined Twinning

Publikationsår: 2016

Campbell, Timothy & Jeff McMahan

p. 229-252 in: Animalism, Eds.:Stephan Blatti and Paul Snowdon, Oxford: Oxford University Press 2016.

New Essays on Persons, Animals, and Identity.

What are we? What is the nature of the human person? Animalism has a straightforward answer to these long-standing philosophical questions: we are animals. After being ignored for a long time in philosophical discussions of our nature, this idea has recently gained considerable support in metaphysics and philosophy of mind. It has also, amongst philosophers, occasioned strong opposition, even though it might be said to be the view assumed by much of the scientific community. Essays on Animalism is the first volume to be devoted to this important topic and promises to set the agenda for the next stage in the debate.