The nature and dangers of conspiracy theories

Datum: 7 april 2022
Tid: 10:00-17:30

(This is a closed workshop)


Karen Douglas, 10.00-11.15, “The psychology of conspiracy theories”.

Daniel Cohnitz, 11.15-12.30, “Conspiracy Theory Reconsidered: Generalism vs Particularism”

Sandwich lunch, 12:30-13:30

Joseph Uscinski, 13:30-14:45, “Testing Popular Narratives About Conspiracy Theories” (online talk)

Kevin Reuter 14.45-16.00, "Conspiracy Theories in Corpora“

Coffee, 16.00-16.15 

Gloria Origgi, 16:15-17.30, "The epistemic gap between non experts and experts: where disinformation becomes dangerous"

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