Öppet seminarium

Taking Responsibility for Climate Change

Datum: 6 maj 2024
Tid: 14:00-16:00

Venue: Institutet för framtidsstudier, Holländargatan 13, level 4, Stockholm

Welcome to a seminar where philosopher Säde Hormio presents her new book Taking Responsibility for Climate Change! 


Not only governments and international organizations should take action to reduce climate change. Other collective agents, such as corporations, need to also come onboard. As members of collectives and groups of different kinds, individuals also have a responsibility to act. Framing climate change responsibility exclusively from either the collective or the individual perspective leaves out something crucial: how we all are influenced by the collectives we belong to and how, in turn, collectives are influenced by individuals.

In the book Säde Hormio interweaves philosophical argument with real-world examples, arguing that ethical arguments play a crucial role in shaping climate policy by emphasizing the values involved and providing a foundation for moral discussions in public debates.

Säde Hormio is an Academy Research Fellow in Practical Philosophy at the University of Helsinki, and a researcher at the Institute for Futures Studies where she is involved in the project Ethics of coordination. Her research focuses on shared and collective responsibility.

Moderator: Aaron Maltais, Senior Research Fellow at SEI and Head of Policy and Road Mapping for the Secretariat for the Leadership Group for Industry Transition at SEI.

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