Robert Goodin: Wisdom of the Multitude? Trump? Brexit?

Datum: 20 september 2017
Tid: 14:00-16:00

Robert Goodin, Research Professor of Philosophy at Australian National University.

Robert Goodins forskningsområden rör sig kring politisk teori och socialpolitik. 
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According to Condorcet's Jury Theorem, the majority of a large number of voters is (under certain assumptions) almost certain to be correct.  The victories of the Trump and Brexit campaigns, based as they often were on outright and proven lies, seem to belie that result.  Clearly, some of the theorem's assumptions were not met in those cases.  But which ones?  In this lecture I will show that the theorem is substantially robust against violations of the usual explicitly stated assumptions.  Violations of some other deeper assumptions seem to be what are responsible for those two shocking outcomes.

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