Raya Muttarak: Population Dynamics under Global Climate Change

Datum: 25 maj 2022
Tid: 14:00-15:30



Australian bushfire in 2020 and severe floods in Western Europe and exceptional heatwaves in North America in summer 2021, to name a few, are examples of extreme events that are documented to be attributable to anthropogenic climate change. Indeed, it is evident that the impacts of human-induced climate change on our lives, livelihoods and wellbeing are already being felt. This raises a question whether, in which direction and to what extent climate change also influences demographic processes, through affecting fertility, mortality and migration, the three key demographic outcomes driving population change. Although it is highly plausible that climate change also affects population trends, to date existing global population projections have not taken into account the climate feedback on demographic processes. 

This talk aims to present current evidence on the impact of climatic factors on fertility, mortality and migration and explore whether population projections need to account for the climate feedback on demographic processes. In particular, I would like to exploit this talk as a platform to start dialogues between colleagues of different disciplinary background and hope this can lead to future collaborations across institutes.

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