Peter Vallentyne: Interest-protecting vs. choice-protecting rights

Datum: 25 maj 2016
Tid: 10:00–12:00

Peter Vallentyne, Florence G. Kline Professor at the Department of Philosophy, University of Missouri

A person is wronged when her rights are infringed, but when exactly are rights infringed? The most common account is choice-protecting and hold that rights are infringed when they are intruded upon without the rightholder consent. By contrast, a direct interest-protecting account holds that they are infringed when intruded upon against the rightholder’s interests. I will propose and partially defend a hybrid account that holds that whether rights (whatever their general content) are infringed depends, in a particular way, on (1) actual valid consent/dissent, (2) hypothetical consent/dissent, and (3) the impact on the rightholder’s interests.  

Download the paper here (doc)

His research areas are ethics, social and political philosophy.

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