NYTT DATUM! Avner de-Shalit: Cities and immigrants: Should cities have the power to decide who can settle in them?

Datum: 11 oktober 2018
Tid: 10:00-12:00

Avner de-Shalit, Professor of Political Science and Max Kampelman Chair of democracy and human rights at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.


All over the world immigrants move to cities, rather than to rural areas. 95% migrate to cities and among them around two thirds settle in very few cities: 60% of immigrants in the USA end up in seven cities and similar figures apply to Europe. Thus metropolitan cities such as New York, Huston, Munich, London, etc., have to cope with massive migration. As a result several programs have been suggested according to which cities could determine the number or identity of those who settle in them. Other programs (e.g. city based visas, ) suggest that if the state or the federal state wish to limit migration but certain cities become dependent on more immigrants coming, those cities could be in charge of migration processes. These suggestions raise novel moral questions and arguments about the city vs the state and about the city vs the immigrants. In this paper I discuss these arguments.

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