Modelling Social Mechanisms for Knowledge Generation & Exploration

Datum: 18 oktober 2013
Tid: 13.00–14.30

Nanda Wijermans, Stockholm Resilience Centre

Human behaviour is a complex phenomenon with a lot of open questions. Computational modelling can support the scientific quest for more understanding of human behaviour as well as exploring the consequence existing theories/conceptions on human behaviour. This seminar illustrates an agent-based modelling approach to contribute to knowledge generation and exploration of human behaviour. Knowledge generation is illustrated by a model of crowd behaviour, i.e., CROSS. The CROSS model represents individuals in a crowd as social-cognitive agents that are affected by their social and physical surroundings. Understanding is sought by relating the intra- and inter-individual level levels of behaviour generation with behaviour pattern emergence at group level. Knowledge exploration is illustrated by a social-ecological model of farmer cooperation in a common pool context (COBA). COBA is a case-sensitive model that explores the impact and interactions of the social and ecological environment and collective action within and between communities using cooperation theory.

Anmälan till forskarseminarierna.

Seminarierna är gratis och och äger rum på fredagar kl. 13.00–14.30. Platsen är Institutet för Framtidsstudier, Holländargatan 13 i Stockholm.


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