Margaret Moore: Towards a theory of resource justice..?

Datum: 3 oktober 2018
Tid: 10:00-12:00

Margaret Moore, Professor in the Political Studies department at Queen’s University.


This paper is interested in developing an account of resource justice, by which I mean a theory about the entitlements or rights that humans have with respect to the resources of the world.  It begins by rejecting two common views of our relationship to the natural world - common ownership and equality of welfare theories of resources.  It argues that they embody a similar view of the instrumental and substitutable character of resources (an assumption that is also held in standard views of resource justice as that applies to future generations).  I reject this assumption and attempt to develop a typology of different ways that we interact with resources, and the kinds of entitlements or responsibilities that could flow from this. This is used to argue for more complex theory of resource justice which recognizes many different ways in which we (as individuals and as communities) interact with the natural world.

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