Katya Rhodes: Designing policies for climate success. Lessons from British Columbia, Canada

Datum: 14 april 2021
Tid: 17:00-18:45

Dr. Katya Rhodes comes from British Columbia, Canada, to share her academic and policy-making experiences on how to achieve climate success using British Columbia’s climate policies as a case study.


Dr. Katya Rhodes will speak on how we can do a better job with the global challenge of deep decarbonisation. She will explain why climate action is difficult at both global and domestic policy levels and provide examples of climate policy successes from British Columbia. Dr. Rhodes will present the results of her research on politically acceptable and effective climate policies and share her government experiences designing British Columbia’s recent climate plan. The talk will cover a variety of topics ranging from Canadian climate policy implementation contexts, emissions reductions and economic costs of climate policy, the role of citizen knowledge in policy support, and political acceptability of carbon pricing versus regulations. Join Dr. Rhodes to discuss a path forward to climate success and form potential research collaborations.


This seminar will be held online. The number of people who can join is limited. You can check in a couple of minutes before the seminar begins. Register here to join the seminar. 

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