Janine Wedel: Meet the new influence elites. How top players sway policy and governing in the twenty-first century

Datum: 16 mars 2016
Tid: 10:00–12:00

Janine R. Wedel är universitetsprofessor vid School of Public Policy, George Mason University och Senior Research Fellow of the New America Foundation.

A new breed of influence elite has emerged over the past several decades. In contrast to the “power elites” described by sociologist C. Wright Mills a half century ago, the muscle of today’s influence elites resides at least as much in social networks as in command-and-control bureaucracy. These novel elites are less visible, less stable, and more mobile and global in reach than their forebears. They hold sway through informal, flexible, and unaccountable means and use consulting firms, think tanks, nonprofits, and “grassroots organizations,” among other entities, as vehicles of influence, not to mention the Internet and social media. Today’s influence elites largely defy democratic oversight. Conventional concepts inadequately capture their modus operandi and roles in contemporary democratic states. Yet these players and their practices are systemic and widespread across at least some global venues and Western democracies in arenas ranging from energy and health care to finance and foreign policy. Understanding how today’s influence elites operate is crucial, both because their practices are far-reaching and because they dominate decisions that affect the entire world.

Janine R. Wedel forskar bland annat om korruption, om bistånd och eliters inflytande.

Se ett TEDx-talk där Janine pratar om hur en dold elit påverkar amerikansk politik.


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