Publicerat 16 mar, 2015

Julian Savulescu - The Future of Humans. Moral Bioenhancement

www.iffs.se Uehiro Professor of Practical Ethics at the University of Oxford. His areas of research include the ethics of genetics, research ethics, medical ethics, sports ethics and the analytic philosophical basis of practical ethics. Julian is also Fellow of St Cross College, Oxford, Director of the Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics, and Head of the Melbourne–Oxford Stem Cell Collaboration, which is devoted to examining the ethical implications of cloning and embryonic stem cell research. He is also the editor of the Journal of Medical Ethics. The greatest problems of the 21st century - climate change, terrorism, poverty and global inequality, among others – are not the result of external threat, but predominantly the result of human choice and behaviour. Julian argues that when addressing these problems, we should look not only to policies tailored to our moral limitations, but to altering the biological dispositions which contribute to these limitations. In this seminar he will explore the possibility of using medicine to improve moral behaviour, discuss what impact it would have on our freedom, evaluate the ongoing redefinition of normality, and suggest alternative ways forward.

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