David Owen: Refugees, EU Citizenship and the Common European Asylum System: A normative dilemma for EU Integration.

Datum: 21 november 2018
Tid: 10:00-12:00

David Owen, Professor of Social & Political Philosophy, University of Southampton.


This article argues that the practical difficulties and normative dilemmas at stake in the European refugee crisis as a crisis of EU integration extend beyond refugee policies into what we may call 'the citizenship regime' of the European Union in ways that are consequential for refugees, member states, and the European Union. It advances arguments for the relatively rapid access to citizenship of refugees, demonstrates that this norm has at least some acknowledgment in the policies of EU member states and considers what further differentiation of refugees from other classes of migrant might be a part of developing a just and legitimate Common European Asylum Regime. It argues that there are some reasons to favour a CEAS in which refugees receive EU citizenship prior to national citizenship in a member state.

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