"Botten Ada" - Predicting the Swedish Election Using a Bayesian State-Space-Model

Datum: 8 juni 2022
Tid: 14:00-15:45

Research seminar with Jens Finnäs (J++), Måns Magnusson (Assistant Professor in statistics at Uppsala University), and Jonas Wallin (Lund University).  


In the Swedish election 2014 “Botten Ada”, a website using Bayesian modelling and probabilistic machine learning made predictions on the election outcome. In the upcoming Swedish election in the fall, “Botten Ada” and it’s founders, Måns Magnusson, Assistant Professor in statistics at Uppsala University and J++ a data journalism team based in Stockholm, will make a comeback with a new updated and refined model together with Jonas Wallin, Lund University. What degree of accuracy can be reached? And what place can prediction models such as these have in political science, and in academia at large? Join this research seminar with Jens Finnäs from J++, Måns Magnusson, and Jonas Wallin.

Join the seminar online or at the Institute for Futures Studies. If you plan to join on site, please check the box in the registration form.

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