Bob Goodin: Structural injustice - its mechanisms and how to disrupt them

Datum: 28 september 2022
Tid: 10:00-11:45

Place: At the Institute for Futures Studies, Holländargatan 13, Stockholm, or online. 

Research seminar with Bob Goodin Distinguished Professor of Philosophy and Social and Political theory at the Australian National University. He earned his PhD at Oxford in 1975. In 2022 he was awarded the prestigious Johan Skytte Prize in Political Science for his "acuity and success endeavored to blend political philosophy with empirical political science to increase the understanding of how decent and dignified societies can be shaped.


Injustices that are, in the first instance, brute acts of clearly identifiable individuals are often perpetuated, more subtly, through seemingly innocent workings of anonymous and innocuous social structures.  We are familiar with the many sites where such structural injustice is at work. But how – by what mechanisms – does it occur?  And how can we interrupt those processes?  This seminar will identify several fundamental mechanisms of structural injustice:  social position, networks, language, social expectations and norms, reputation and organization.  It will also identify two underlying drivers – scale effects and attention scarcities – that they all have in common.  The latter two consideration set limits on what we can realistically do to rein in the unjust perpetuation of social advantages and disadvantages. 

Join the seminar online or at the Institute for Futures Studies. If you will join on site, please check the box in the registration form.

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