Anca Gheaus: Feminism, basic income and equal opportunities

Datum: 16 november 2016
Tid: 13:00–15:00

Anca Gheaus, Ramon y Cajal researcher at the Department of law, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Feminists have always been divided about the desirability of a basic income. It is likely that a basic income would netly benefit many of the worse off women. Yet, feminists argued that its introduction would also result in a further set-back of equal opportunities between women and men for the best social positions. I explain why, even if this was a valid feminist criticism to basic income, we should not give it much weight. The reason is that either (1) the best social positions come with benefits to which nobody has a claim of justice; or (2) people who have a shot at the best social positions are likely to already have more than their fair share of opportunity for them. Moreover, equality of opportunity is not the only way to achieve gender parity in the distribution of the best social positions. If a basic income will stably improve the situation of the worst off, a large proportion of whom are women, egalitarian feminists have more reason to support than to oppose it.

Anca's Her interests lie in the areas of moral and political philosophy, with a focus on matters of distributive justice. In particular, she has been working on issues such as the nature of justice, family ethics, gender justice, animal ethics and justice in the workplace.

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