AI in healthcare

Datum: 25 maj 2023
Tid: 09:00-21:00

Venue: The Institute for Futures Studies, Stockholm

This workshop is open to invitees only. For more information please contact the organizers.

The imperative to adopt Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been voiced by policymakers and entrepreneurs worldwide, and public and private investments have followed suit. The EU strategy is to move swiftly and become a hub for human-centric and trustworthy AI. The Swedish approach to AI aims for a leading position in adoption. In particular, this technology is anticipated to strengthen the welfare state. It has been estimated that AI's deployment in the public sector will generate economic value corresponding to six percent of public expenses.

Healthcare is no exception. Here, AI is believed to enhance productivity and enable more precise, consistent, and cost-effective diagnostics and treatment, while also reducing the workload for hardworking clinicians and alleviating challenges related to an ageing populace.

However, despite its speedy implementation in the consumer domain, AI’s adoption in clinical settings has yet been sluggish. Why is that? Do the challenges regard processes, people, regulations, infrastructure, or the technology itself? How can hurdles to adoption be overcome?

The aim of this workshop is to bring together researchers, practitioners, and public officials to share their perspectives on these topics. This way, it addresses the ‘the last mile’ of AI in healthcare.


Emma Engström, (Organizer), PhD, Researcher, Institute for Futures Studies and KTH
Royal Institute of Technology

Jennifer Viberg Johansson, (Organizer), PhD, Researcher, Uppsala University

Mats Snäll, Senior Advisor at Agency for Digital Government, Sweden

Gabriel Westman, Associate professor, Head of Artificial Intelligence, Swedish Medical Products Agency

Vera Lúcia Raposo, PhD in Law. Law & Tech Department of NOVA School of Law, NOVA University of Lisbon (Portugal). FutureHealth/WhatNext.Law

Maja Fjaestad, PhD History of Technology, The institute for Futures Studies and Karolinska Institutet

Alireza Salehi, Senior researcher , Digital Health RISE Stockholm

Fredrik StrandMD PhD Radiologist at Karolinska Institutet

Karin DembrowerMD PhD, Radiologist, Capio S:t Göran's hospital

Johan Sundström, Professor at the Department of Medical Sciences, Uppsala University

Åsa Gyberg Karlsson, : eHealth strategist and reg. biomedical laboratory scientist, The Swedish National Council on Medical Ethics (SMER)

Charlotte Högberg, PhD student in Technology and Society, Lund University

Tariq Osman AndersenAssociate Professor, PhD, Dept. of Computer Science at University of Copenhagen


The schedule will be emaild to all participants.

Jennifer Viberg Johansson, PhD, Researcher, Uppsala University
Emma Engström, PhD, Researcher, Institute for Futures Studies and KTH
Royal Institute of Technology

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