Poverty and welfare among children and their families 1968–2010

Publikationsår: 2014

Mood, Carina , Jonsson, Jan O.

Forskningsrapport 2014/2, 78 s.

This report studies child poverty, and changes in such poverty both by analyzing the family economy, and directly by using surveys with children themselves. It also compares different measures of poverty and studies the association between parent and child poverty. We find that poverty among children and their families in Sweden is very low both in an international and historical perspective.  During the last years, levels of material deprivation and poverty have changed little, but the poor have fallen further behind those with average incomes. The biggest concern is not the overall level of poverty among the young, but the very high levels of child poverty among children of immigrants and lone parents. Overall, poverty has become more concentrated to children whose parents are not in gainful employment.

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Det här är en engelsk version av Ekonomisk utsatthet och välfärd bland barn och deras familjer 1968–2010 som är en underlagsrapport till Socialstyrelsens Barns och ungas hälsa, vård och omsorg (2013).