Challenges and Opportunities of International Migration for the EU, Its Member States, Neighboring Countries and Regions: A Policy Note

Publikationsår: 2004

Robert Holzmann, Rainer Münz

Institutet för Framtidsstudiers skriftserie: Framtidsstudier nr 12, 2004

While the EU is a wealthy and politically stable region with an aging and eventually shrinking population, neighboring countries in the south and southeast are poorer and politically less stable, but have young and growing populations. In this situation migration from the poorer but demographically growing countries to the richer but demographically stagnating societies is inevitable. The question is how to manage - not how to prevent - migration to Europe. This report takes a development perspective on international migration, and, hence the ultimate concern is poverty reduction. The basic idea is to make sending countries and receiving countries, as well as migrants themselves, benefit from geographic mobility.



    • Abstract


    • Executive Summary


    • Part I: Background and Options


    • Part II: Becoming Proactive


    • Part III: Institutional Requirements and Changes to Move toward Win-Win Solutions


    • Part IV: Conclusions and Implications


    • Bibliography


    • Data Sources


    • Annex: Figures and Table


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