Sanja Bogojević and Åsa Romson: Infrastructure for the 21st century: how climate change shapes society and law

Datum: 2 juni 2021
Tid: 14:00-15:45

Sanja Bogojević is Fellow and Associate Professor of Law at Lady Margaret Hall and the Faculty of Law. Prior to joining Oxford Law Faculty, she was Associate Professor (‘Docent’) of Environmental Law at Lund University, to which she remains affiliated. 

Åsa Romson works as an expert in environmental law and environmental politics at the IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute. She was the Minister for Climate and the Environment in the Swedish Government from 2014 to 2016. In 2012 she completed a doctorate in environmental law at Stockholm University.

Infrastructure provides the physical deep structures of civilisation and is an icon of modernity. Our roads, cities, power supplies were shaped by the energy choices of the past; which choices will we make in refiguring infrastructure fit for the 21stcentury and with the climate crises looming? In this talk, we’ll zoom in on the example of airport expansion plans in Sweden, and how climate change is pushing us to rethink societal connectivity, as well as planning and environmental law.   

This seminar will be held online. The number of people who can join is limited. You can check in a couple of minutes before the seminar begins. Register here to join the seminar. 

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