The Mimir Center for Long Term Futures Research

A planned research environment at IFFS with a mission to carry out world leading, rigorous academic basic research on issues regarding the long-term future of civilization.

This is a research project currently being initiated at IFFS. The Mimir Center for Long Term Futures Research will take part in mapping out possible futures. It will explore several questions these coming years:

  • Long-term issues regarding the management of extraterrestrial space
  • The climate crisis, the boundaries of the planet, and systematic vulnerabilities
  • Stagnation, social collapse and enduring disorder 
  • Relations between humans and animals
  • Great uncertainty, decision-making and strategic planning
  • Personal identity and emulated minds

Find updates on the project website;



Principal Investigator

Karim Jebari PhD., Philosophy

Project members

Gustaf Arrhenius Director and Professor, Practical Philosophy
Andrea Asker Master's degree in Philosophy and Economy
Tim Campbell PhD, Philosophy
Emma Engström PhD, Environmental Modeling
Julia Mosquera PhD, Philosophy
Joe Roussos PhD, Philosophy
Anders Sandberg PhD, Computer Science
H. Orri Stefánsson Professor, Practical Philosophy


Funding provided through Effective Giving