Julia Mosquera

Photo: Cato Lein

I defended my dissertation in philosophy at the University of Reading, UK 2017. My dissertation, Disability, Equality, and Future Generations, is an attempt to answer the question of how egalitarian societies should best reduce the inequality that holds between disabled and non-disabled individuals. In my thesis I firstly analyse different definitions of disability and approaches to the question of the value of disability. I also explore and evaluate different ways in which societies can reduce this inequality. Regarding this, I focus on whether a reduction in the incidence of disabilities would lead to more egalitarian societies in the future. Here I show that there is at least one way in which reducing deprivations can, contrary to common belief, exacerbate some inequalities.

I currently work, among other things, on issues related to the evaluation of trade-offs between inequality and equality that arise from changes in the composition of populations. At the Institute for Futures Studies, I am involved in Valuing future lives.

Recently Published Works