Tim Campbell

Photo: Cato Lein

I am a researcher at the Institute for Futures Studies. I defended my dissertation in October 2015 at Rutgers University. 

My research focuses on a range of topics related to the evaluation of different possible futures. These include population ethics, personal identity, the evaluation of radically new kinds of subjective experience, and the relationship between these three areas. I am currently trying to identify and weigh the positive and negative impacts of a larger population on climate change. This is part of the Institute for Futures Studies’ Climate ethics and future generations project. 

All publications and working papers can be found here: https://iffs.academia.edu/TimCampbell

Recently Published Work

“Procreation Rights and Future Generations” (With Martin Kolk & Julia Mosquera) Journal of Applied Philosophy, forthcoming 

“DALYs and the Minimally Good Life” Public Health Ethics, forthcoming 

“Personal Identity and Impersonal Ethics.” In Principles and Persons: The Legacy of Derek Parfit, edited by Jeff McMahan, Tim Campbell, James Goodrich, and Ketan Ramakrishnan, 55-84. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2021.