IFFS reports

Sweden Democrat voters. Who are they, where do they come from, and where are they headed?

Jylhä, Kirsti , Strimling, Pontus , Rydgren, Jens | 2019

How are our young adults doing? A report on labour market activities and living conditions

Plenty, Stephanie , B. Andersson, Anton , Hjalmarsson, Simon , Mood, Carina , Rudolphi, Frida , Treuter , Georg | 2018

Labour market policies against the odds? Job finding among participants in ESF projects in comparison with the Public Employment Service

Ryszard Szulkin, Lena Nekby, Magnus Bygren, Clara Lindblom, Kenisha Russell-Jonsson, Ragnar Bengtsson, Erik Normark 2014

European Social Models, Protection and Inclusion

Joakim Palme, Kenneth Nelson, Ola Sjöberg, Renate Minas 2009

What Future for Social Investment?

Editors: Nathalie Morel, Bruno Palier, Joakim Palme 2009

Children’s Work in Everyday Life

Eds. Kristina Engwall and Ingrid Söderlind 2007

How Migration Can Benefit Development

Eds. Kristof Tamas and Joakim Palme 2006

Labour Migrants Unbound?

Kristof Tamas and Rainer Münz 2006

The Impact of Ageing on Innovation and Productivity Growth in Europe

Alexia Prskawetz and Thomas Lindh (Eds.) 2004