Research program

The research program that currently sets the framework for research activities at the institute is written by Gustaf Arrhenius, director and professor of practical philosophy and will be ongoing during 2021-2026. 

Humanity's path forward - democracy, technology, society, and future generations

The research program comprises four themes that overlap. They all involve researchers from several disciplines, including philosophy, political science, sociology, law, computer science, economics and demographics. The intention is to produce policy-relevant results by combining theoretical ideas with empirically oriented research.

Future generations >

This theme is about climate change and how we should consider the living conditions of future generations.


Democracy's problems and possibilities >

This theme examines the threats do democracy and tries to identify ways in which democracy can be developed in the future.


The societal impact of new technologies >

In this theme new technologies are scrutinized, how they are introduced in society and how they affect our lives.


The socially sustainable society >

This theme studies the processing that can erode a society where everyone feel safe and can lead good lives.


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