Joe Roussos

Tel: +46 79 332 71 15
Photo: Cato Lein

I am a postdoctoral researcher in philosophy at the Institute for Futures Studies. I did my PhD at the London School of Economics, with a thesis entitled Policymaking under scientific uncertainty.

My research concerns what decisions to make, and which beliefs to hold, when one has highly uncertain evidence. This work combines elements of decision theory, formal epistemology and philosophy of science. I often work on issues related to scientific modelling, or using the results of models, and I focus largely on climate science and climate change.

I have a side interest in the methodology of philosophy, and have recently been working on modelling in philosophy.

At the Institute, I lead my own project Rational foundations of longtermism, and work on two further projects: Climate ethics and future generations and Sustainable population in the time of climate change.