The Institute for Futures Studies is an institute for social science research focusing on issues deemed important for the future. The Institute’s researchers come from many different disciplines such as sociology, mathematics, economics, and philosophy, and they regularly publish their research in leading international journals.

The Institute’s scholars present their research at scientific conferences and seminars, but also at seminars directed to the general public in order to contribute to the public discussion about important future issues.

Research at the Institute is structured around a research program, usually conducted over a period of four to six years. The Institute’s research partly is financed with governmental funds and partly with grants received from research councils and other funding agencies.

Research areas

Get an idea of what we are currently working on by taking a look at our resarch areas!


World Values Survey

At the Institute you will also find World Values Survey's general secretary Bi Puranen. World Values Survey global network of researchers that have been studying values all over the world since the 1980ies. Read more about the network at their website