Research at the Institute is structured around a research program, usually conducted over a period of six years. What they all have in common is the futures perspective and the fact that they are all interdisciplinary, involving researchers from several disciplines. Today you will find researchers at the institute from disciplines such as sociology, mathematics, economics, and philosophy.

The Institute’s research partly is financed with governmental funds and partly with grants received from research councils and other funding agencies.

Our current research program "Humanity's path forward - democracy, technology, society, and future generations" encompasses four themes - find them below.

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Ongoing Research Areas

Future generations

Climate change is the biggest challenge of our time, and in this theme there is a focus on future generations and their living conditions. We aim to examine among other things climate ethics, sustainable development, green growth, obstacles to climate action and social dilemmas.

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Democracy's problems and possibilities

Despite the historically great success of democracy, today we can see a decline. There is also the doubt that democracy is able to tackle the most important problems of our time. In this area, the real threats to democracy are examined, as are the ways in which democracy can develop.

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The societal impact of new technologies

In order to meet global challenges such as poverty and climate change, we depend on technological innovations. We have already become increasingly embedded in a technological ecosystem that have significant effects on our everyday lives. But even small mistakes in how new technologies are being introduced, can cause negative impacts on our societies. In this theme we try to understand this process.

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The socially sustainable society

A socially sustainable society is a society where people live well and feel safe. But such a society is constantly faced with challenges, from organized crime, differences in values and scarcity of resources, but also from ideas we have about each other that are not even conscious but can still affect the way we shape our society. This is our most comprehensive theme.

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