Research at the Institute is structured around a research program, usually conducted over a period of six years. What they all have in common is the futures perspective and the fact that they are all interdisciplinary, involving researchers from several disciplines. Today you will find researchers at the institute from disciplines such as sociology, mathematics, economics, and philosophy.

The Institute’s research partly is financed with governmental funds and partly with grants received from research councils and other funding agencies.

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Get an idea of what we are currently working on by taking a look at our research areas below!

Ongoing Research Areas

Future generations
Do we want to build a society that is only good for us and not for our children or grand-children? If not, how do make informed decisions?
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Democracy of the future
Is democracy as good as we think it is? And what does true democracy actually look like? We study the limits and loopholes of democracy as political system.
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Technology & man
Big data, artificial intelligence, 3D-printers – new technologies open up a vast amount of opportunities. But is it all good? We try to imagine the consequences of the development.
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Discrimination, sexism & racism
Where do we find discrimination and how does it happen? If people are discriminating by nature, how can we change society in a way to reduce the consequences?
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Inequality is one of the most important challenges that many societies face today. But what does this mean, and is it even possible to reduce it?
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Crime, threats & the human existence
Extremism, nuclear weapons, climate change and malicious robots. There are many phenomena that can pose a threat to our existence. We try to understand them and how to assess risks.
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Demography – driving forces & consequences
The population is ageing, urbanization seems never to end and the networks we are part of affect us i many different ways. We try to understand the trends.
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Values, ethics & morals
Values are a powerful driver of change in society. That is why we are interested in understanding how they change over time, and why.
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