Moa Bursell

I am a researcher in sociology and research leader at the Institute for Futures Studies. I am also teaching at the Department of Sociology, Stockholm University. I received my doctorate at Stockholm University in 2012. In my dissertation, I studied ethnic discrimination in the labor market using experimental and quantitative methods, and individual strategies to combat discrimination using qualitative methods. As a post-doctoral researcher at the Institute for Futures Studies, I have studied the strength and stability of ethnic boundaries using experimental methods in the project “Segregation, Micromechanisms and Macrodynamics”.

In my current research, I continue to study implicit prejudice, ethnic inclusion, exclusion and boundary making in the labor market and in welfare services; in my own Projects: "Can we change a discriminatory behavior that we are unaware of?" A study of how to change ethnic implicit bias and its effect on the allocation of social welfare” funded by FORTE, and “Ethnic discrimination in a segmented labor market – when and where does discrimination occur?”, funded by the Swedish Research Council. I am also starting up a project on the consequences of the incorporation of artificial intelligence-tools into recruitment processes concerning the inclusion and exclusion of disadvantaged groups, also funded by the Swedish Research Council.

Three recently published works