Jan O. Jonsson

Professor of Sociology at the Swedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI), Stockholm University; Official Fellow of Nuffield College, Oxford University; member of the Swedish Royal Academy of Science (KVA).

My research concerns social stratification, e.g., educational inequality, social mobility, poverty, and ethnic integration and inequality. I am the Swedish PI for the international study CILS4EU which studies integration and living conditions among youth in Sweden, Germany, England, and the Netherlands (www.cils4.eu). 
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At the Institute for Futures Studies, I am the PI for two projects. Children’s living conditions in a changing society: Socioeconomic and ethnic inequality is funded by the Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare (Forte), and studies consequences of changes in family structure, economic conditions, educational system, and immigration for children and young people. The project Integration of youth in Sweden in a multidimensional perspective (SEMI) addresses integration of youth in different aspects, namely structural integration (e.g., education, labour market outcomes), social integration (i.a., inter-ethnic relations and networks), and cultural integration (e.g., values, religiosity), as well as psychological adaptation (e.g., wellbeing).

Three recently published works


Three frequently cited works

  • 2009 Jan O. Jonsson, David B. Grusky, Matthew Di Carlo, Reinhard Pollak, and Mary C. Brinton “Micro-Class Mobility. Social Reproduction in Four Countries.” American Journal of Sociology 114: 977-1036.

  • 2005 Richard Breen and Jan O. Jonsson: “Inequality of Opportunity in Comparative Perspective: Recent Research on Educational Attainment and Social Mobility.” Annual Review of Sociology 31:223-43.

  • 1996 Robert Erikson and Jan O. Jonsson (eds.): Can Education Be Equalized? The Swedish Case in Comparative Perspective. Boulder, Colorado: Westview Press. ISBN 0-8133-2622-2.