Reducing populations' vulnerabilities to mis-disinformation related to scientific content

The purpose of this project is to develop evidence-based strategies to address populations’ vulnerabilities to scientific mis-disinformation.

Misinformation and disinformation on scientific topics such as telecommunications, vaccines, and climate change have existed for a long time. Mis-disinformation thrives in complex information ecosystems as audiences attempt to find explanations for missing, confusing, and contradictory information on a given topic. This phenomenon is fueling distrust in government, polarizing societies, disrupting stock markets, and impacting overall confidence in science and institutions. 

This project aims to enhance the integration of data science with social science to develop evidence-based strategies to address populations’ vulnerabilities to mis-disinformation in NATO member and partner countries.



Principal Investigator

Project members

Tina Askanius Docent i medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap
Amir Rostami Professor i kriminologi


Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency & The Swedish Psychological Defence Agency