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Completed: The power over expert reports – contents, origins and consequences

This project examines how the reports and investigations ordered to address the organizational problems in health care are actually used.

Despite changes in organisational systems, reforms and means, it has been difficult for medical care to solve certain serious organisational issues such as overcrowding, problems with the workplace environment and staffing and the inability to grant everyone equal healthcare access.

With the purpose of bettering the organisation and implementation of health care, the central government as well as regions and counties have ordered expert reports and investigations, which are the grounds for creating legitimacy in political and administrative decisions. The purpose of this project is to map out and analyse these expert reports, on national and regional levels, with regard to the management and organisation of medical care. The purpose is also to examine upon which grounds these expert reports have been produced, how they are used, and what consequences they have had.

We track these expert reports from the initial order and composition to the ways they are used and what consequences arise. The research is illustrated using descriptive mapping, document analysis and semi-structured interviews. We hope to raise awareness of the power embedded in these expert reports and the ways in which management and organisation learn from them. The project does not only aim to analyse the current practice, but also to create a more proper model for the acquisition of knowledge within this area.  The project makes an immediate scholarly contribution to the area of research that pertains to management and organisation of public institutions, particularly within health care and medical care. The project also contributes to the broader field of organisational pedagogics with empirical knowledge about the knowledge embedded in learning processes and the power that comes with the knowledge creation and decision-making of certain institutions.



Principal Investigator

Erica Falkenström PhD, Education

Project members

Stefan Svallfors Professor, Sociology

Other project members


Swedish Research Council for Health, Working Life and Welfare