Erica Falkenström

Tel: +46 70 594 60 07
Photo: Cato Lein

I am a researcher at the Institute for Futures Studies and Associated researcher, Centre for Research Ethics & Bioethics (CRB), Uppsala University. I mainly contribute to the research field of organizational ethics in health care. More particularly, my research concerns ethical competence, knowledge building and power relations in healthcare governance and administration.

I received my doctorate at Stockholm University in 2012. My dissertation concerned conflicts of interest and ethical competence among health care managers in Stockholm. In my next  research project I examined ethical competence, learning processes and responsibility at the regional level of healthcare governance and administration. Particularly, we were interested in how three key groups of actors – politicians, executive officers. and CEOs of caregiver organizations – collaborated across organizational boundaries and integrated ethics and ethical analysis in their work with budget, reforms and care agreements.

At the Institute for Futures Studies, I am leading the research project "The power over expert reports: contents, origins and consequences", financed by FORTE:s special call for research on the quality, organization and process of social welfare. The purpose of this project is to investigate the contents and usage of commissioned expert reports at the regional and national levels, reports which are concerned with governance and management of the health care system and organization. Project collaborators are Anna T.Höglund, associate professor in ethics at Uppsala University and Stefan Svallfors, professor in sociology, the Institute for Futures Studies.

Three recently published works