What do immigrants know about Sweden?


The degree of trust in a country has proven to be important for many reasons. The population in the Nordic countries has far higher levels of trust than the rest of the world. Studies show that migrants from countries with low levels of trust who come to the Nordic countries increase their degree of trust over time, but that the level is still significantly lower than among the established population. Since there is a clear connection between trust and level of education, the question of knowledge is central.

In an essay in the magazine Kvartal, Bi Puranen reports on results from both surveys and interviews about education levels, views on education, work, and family, as well as differences in knowledge regarding laws and norms regarding, for example, divorce and abortion.

Read Bis essay in the magazine Kvartal

Bi Puranen is Secretary General of the World Values Survey, an international network of researchers which collects data on people's values ​​via extensive surveys among representative samples of nearly 90 per cent of the world's population. Read more about World Values Survey here.