12 May 2021

Ron F Inglehart 1934–2021

We are saddened to announce that the founding president of the World Values Survey, Ron F Inglehart passed away on Saturday 8...

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05 May 2021

New study deconstructs Dunbar’s number – yes, you can have more than 150 friends

An individual human can maintain stable social relationships with about 150 people. This is the proposition known as ‘Dunbar’...

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04 May 2021

An award promoting Finnish academic texts within reach for Kirsti Jylhä

The Kone Foundation's Vuoden Tiedekynä is an annual award for an academic article that demonstrates exemplary use of the Finn...

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15 February 2021

Competition: Your vision of a positive future

The Paris Institute for Advanced Study and the 2100 Fondation in partnership with the Institute for Futures Studies are launc...

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13 January 2021

Calls for 2 PhD positions in a research program on partnerships for sustainable development

Calls for 2 PhD positions in a new research program Transformative Partnerships for Sustainable Development: Assessing synerg...

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18 December 2020

New episode of The New World: Capitalism after the pandemic

Historian Adam Tooze is the guest in the second episode of The New World - a podcast from the Institute for Futures Studies a...

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25 November 2020

Disinformation campaigns 2.0

Propaganda and lying are as old as humanity itself and the post-print social media age has created a hyperactive environment ...

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08 October 2020

IFFS and Aftonbladet present - The New World

Karin Pettersson, Martin Hägglund, Georg Diez The Institute for Futures Studies together with Aftonbladet Kultur are proud t...

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29 September 2020

What do immigrants know about Sweden?

The degree of trust in a country has proven to be important for many reasons. The population in the Nordic countries has far ...

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29 September 2020

20 MSEK to research program on Agenda 2030

The project Transformative partnership for sustainable development, led by Karin Bäckstrand, has been granted 20 million SEK ...

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