In memory of Erik Olin Wright

Erik Olin Wright, a Marxist sociologist with a focus on the complexities of social classes and inequalities of contemporary capitalism, died from acute myeloid leukemia on January 23 in Milwaukee. He was 71.

Erik was the Vilas distinguished research professor of sociology at the University of Wisconsin, and spent his entire teaching career at Madison.

While immersed in theoretical aspects of social class and social change, Erik was throughout his career engaged with real-world challenges like democratic governance, poverty, and income inequality.

Erik was a friend and collaborator to people at the Institute for Futures Studies. At the time he was struck by illness, he was preparing a major book seminar at the Institute, related to democracy at the workplace. The Institute will honor his memory as friend and outstanding scholar by bringing that project to conclusion this year.

Listen to the interview that Stefan Svallfors conducted with Erik on his last visit to the Institute, on the prospects of a cooperative market economy.