Magnus Bygren

I am professor in Sociology at Department of Sociology, Stockholm University.

My research currently aligns with three overlapping themes: (1) the existence and degrees of discrimination within different situations, (2) the consequences of parenthood for the careers of men and women, and (3) the causes of school segregation. I use quantitative methods, and more recently I have used experimental, and therefore related, methods.  

At the Institute for Futures Studies I participate in the research project "Ethnic discrimination in a segmented labor market – when and where does discrimination occur?".

Three recently published works

Three frequently cited works

  • Bygren, M. and R. Szulkin. 2010. “Ethnic Environment during Childhood and the Educational Attainment of Immigrant Children in Sweden” Social Forces, 88, 1305-1330.
  • Bygren, M. and A.-Z. Duvander. 2006. “Parents’ Workplace Situation and Fathers’ Parental Leave Use” Journal of Marriage and Family, 68, 363-372.
  • Bygren, M. 2004. “Pay Reference Standards and Pay Satisfaction. What Do Workers Evaluate Their Pay To?” Social Science Research, 33, 206-224.